10% unhappy?

To be 10% unhappy is like being “a little bit pregnant”, or 99% compassionate. Historically, whatever drives the remaining ~1% of discontent has a tendency of growing and infecting the whole system. 🙃

OK, in practice we ARE often “unhappy”: somewhere on a sliding scale of destructive emotions’ impact. Yes, life can be tough, but so are we. It does not matter whether we call it brain plasticity, psychological flexibility, growth mindset, or preserving balance. The short of it: we CAN be 100% happy, or at least content.

Yes, drag our unruly minds into acceptance, forgiveness, self-compassion via means of emotional hygiene:

– start with quick-fixing

– observe relapses, learn from them

– add long-term mind training/addressing actual causes.

Train our compassion muscle to handle hardships, uncertainty, — both the “external” world’s and personal “imperfections”.

What is the point of learning about neuroplasticity, or mindfulness if we cannot even step outside of Maslow’s pyramid’s bottom layers, and see what happens? 😉

Settling at 10% “unhappiness” is like leaving a “broken window”: