Online Programs & Training

Online programs for organizations and individuals based on a systems approach to mindfulness, compassion, and other scientifically proven instruments of emotional regulation and personal transformation. We deliver the embodied knowledge via inclusive courses tailored to you and your team. Take an effectiveness quiz to benchmark your practice and learn what to expect.

1. Mindfulness and compassion: a systems approach

SEE Learning framework

We cannot build meaningful relationships with a client or co-worker if we maintain obsolete reactions to other people, or ourselves. A systems approach based on the secular SEE Learning framework supported by Dalai Lama and Daniel Goleman is a prerequisite for mindfulness and compassion practices to produce results: consistent long-term reduction of stress, improvement of resilience, creativity, and other essential soft skills.

2. Emotional Intelligence for tech teams and startups

How can we apply Emotional Intelligence competencies like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management to tech startup challenges? Engagement,  innovation, successful crisis-management are organic outcomes of a balanced mind. Our “EI for tech” course offers a personalized roadmap to achieve meaningful verifiable results.

3. Embodied resilience and ability to adapt

How do we actually improve our ability to bounce back after adverse circumstances and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape? The effective solution requires both on-scene and preventive strategies. Personalized mind training to ensure we can recognize, and handle stress, process its internal causes to avoid relapses; maintain focus, energy levels, and productivity.

4. Mindful crisis-management

How do we embody resilience to adverse circumstances, maintain unbiased critical reasoning, and ability to adapt to resolve a crisis successfully? Ignoring a compromised state of mind normally leads to less desirable, short-lived outcomes. A mindful systems approach to resolving crisis implies handling both external and internal issues.

5. Executive presence

What is a leader’s presence? How do we inspire others naturally? Embody the qualities we wish others to recognize and learn? Our executive program offers a framework to evolve notions and stories that govern our reactions, impact decision-making, productivity, and interactions with others. Obtain a personal roadmap and actionable steps to establish resilience, empathy, effective self-management. Improve both well-being and business performance via sustainable and verifiable internal changes.

6. SEE Learning framework: custom application

How do you adopt the SEE Learning systems approach to emotional regulation, a unique secular framework supported by Dalai Lama and Daniel Goleman? We will help your organization implement and customize the framework, practices, and measurements to fit your culture and goals.