Remote work — underestimated state-of-mind obstacle

Remote management, sales, any communication rely on our state of mind as much if not more than in-person meetings. External factors like “Who said what? What people actually heard? Was video/audio OK?” may actually be of lesser importance.

If I am balanced, prepared for the call (removed mental pressure/aggression towards people, exaggerated control of the situation, dependencies on outcomes), monitor/mindful of arising emotions… The chances of shooting myself in the foot reduce immensely.

Naturally, a balanced condition on its own is not a guarantee that you will be heard and others will act as expected. But it is a prerequisite for people to actually hear what you say without “groundless” internal resistance, reluctance to engage, or simply having speakers go offline.

Yes, if you mentally hold others by the throat because of your exaggerated dependence on outcomes, the online meeting will not hide this. Do not underestimate the wisdom of others, especially when it comes to reacting to our emotional states. If we are not aware of our internal problems people we interact with provide obvious “external” feedback (usually, one we don’t like).

The problem of remote meetings, communications, and “I miss familiar in-person meetings in the office” situations is more than solvable. Unless we underestimate the impact of our internal issues.