A Halloween guide to selling compassionate leadership as a business benefit

A Halloween guide to selling compassionate or servant leadership as a business benefit to 3 types of leaders:

1. Converting narcissists

– “Demonstrate compassion” to make more money? Nice… More ways to manipulate people.

Comment: an easy sell, no compassion bought though 🧐

2. Swaying the undecided

– I was almost losing patience with this compassion… Thanks for the reminder it should make me rich. I am good unless there’s easier money to make.

Comment: offer 6 figures… just to make sure. Not an ounce of compassion sold either.

3. Preaching to the choir

– What?! OK, compassion IS beneficial, but it is not really compassion if you are motivated by personal gain. Something else entirely! 🙃

Comment: be grateful they know what compassion is and finally someone is compassionate to you. Hopefully, it is an honest mistake, a self-deception we are talking about. 😉


Why do people try to “cheat” others into compassion-like behavior?

    • ulterior motives: making their living, shaming others to “behave”
    • jealousy/envy: they are making sacrifices that others don’t. Unfair!
    • doubt: they are afraid they are wasting time on compassion so they need others to believe in it as confirmation (so they can too).


“The distinction between violence and nonviolence lies less in the nature of a particular action and more in the motivation behind the action. Actions motivated by anger and greed tend to be violent, whereas those motivated by compassion and concern for others are generally peaceful.” HBR, The Dalai Lama on Why Leaders Should Be Mindful, Selfless, and Compassionate.