Gratitude practice: upgrade your “cushion”

Gratitude practices, like “gratitude journaling” are used to focus our attention on the positive things. Get us in the mood for appreciation. “Add a cushion around the challenges“. We put on rose-colored glasses that help us get through. Even if we are genuinely “negative” about these things, people, or the “unfair” world.

However, neither challenges nor our negativity-making viewpoints are going anywhere. We keep everything that makes us unhappy, just cushion the blow. If possible.

Why not upgrade the cushion? Adopt the new “theory of everything”. That would allow us to be grateful for the full spectrum of things (both pleasant and unpleasant). Nurture new habits based on the new worldview and other integral practices. Until gratitude becomes a natural, non-discriminating feeling (that requires no journaling or cushions).