Say “hi” to your true self — COVID-19 reveals 🎭

You do understand, that all of this frustration, anger, and fear has always been there. Pandemic just brought to light what has been under the ethical makeup of “mindfulness”, “empathy” or “emotional intelligence”. I wished any of these masks worked as good as N95 to keep our true selves inside.

The problem is mental aggression you feel now is not going away. Even if coronavirus vanishes and the economy is back in an hour, all of the causes of our destructive reactions will still be there. We will just briefly cover them up, back to role-playing directed by our obsolete views and dependencies.

Yes, that would mean you wasted a perfectly good crisis (c). Words are not mine. Neither the popular meaning. Please allow me to stress on lesser importance of getting out of the crisis economically thriving than cleaning up all of the mental skeletons it reveals. It is a boot camp for better us, not richer us.


Sincerely yours, Captain Obvious.