Closures, realizations, “a-ha!” moments — final pieces of bigger puzzles

What unites these two experiences: 1) finally remembering where you left your car keys, 2) realizing you have changed the perception of the world? Release of tension. We stop fighting our seemingly crippled position, inability to control and experience a fleeting moment of release. Some of us even call this “happiness“.

Something has changed. A part of us is now different. We see the world in a different light. Not just theoretically — we actually feel, experience the internal change, represented by the realization. We have let go of whatever was causing previous tensions. The greater the problem was that was causing the discomfort the brighter our sensations of the “a-ha!” moment that freed us.

Why don’t we get more of these moments?

E.g. just by hearing about the next big idea for the first time?  The “a-ha!” thought is usually the final piece of the puzzle, something that completes the picture we have been working on for a while. Sometimes, without noticing it. The closure means all preparations have been successfully delivered for the grand finale. Otherwise, it would not happen.

How comes a simple thought that has never meant anything to us, “suddenly” becomes a realization?

For example, the thought: it makes no sense to be angry with people’s “imperfect” actions.

Some of us would consider it obvious. Others — oppose. It is just a thought though.

It takes practice for such thought, a mere theoretic knowledge to grow into a conviction, participate in real-life experiences and become part of us. Prepare the foundation of the puzzle. So the next time we are in the middle of our experiences, a realization that makes the picture whole can be born.

We start by educating ourselves about the existing puzzles. Learn about other people’s experiences and the perception of the world. Compare them to ours. Try them on for size. How do they feel? We do test runs and if happy with new views, they become a conviction. Something verified by our experiences.

As we continue our lives based on these new views, related reactions, habits, thoughts start to change. The views sink in. This is when the realization may strike — as a “new” understanding that unites recently acquired experiences. But it would be our thought, which represents who we are. Not someone else’s concept. Our own “mini-singularity” 🤣🤯

Seeing things in a new, non-violent light is a liberating experience. Like sincere forgiveness that dissolves the pain, we have been struggling with for a long time.

The new we continue with our lives… Until the next realization 😉


Sincerely yours, Captain Obvious. 🤣