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Sustainable Resilience For Challenging Times

Maintaining resilience, peace of mind, working with fears, uncertainty, isolation. Managing fear of illness, related problems - before, during, and after.

Sustainable Resilience And Well-Being

Progress from quick-fixing stress to actually managing, preventing it. Train your mind to maintain balance, and focus in previously overwhelming situations. 

From quick-fixing to prevention

Emotions management skill

““I AM NOT ANGRY!!! Just stressed out “sometimes”…”” — Fully governed by emotions, unaware

““OK, I AM angry, but it is natural”” — Putting out fires that keep repeating

““I am free to choose a response”” — Manage emotions effectively, prevent stress, make tangible long-term changes

Preventing Stress And Destructive Emotions

Addressing the internal causes of emotions so they no longer arise

Effective Framework For Emotions Processing

An inclusive systems framework, personal roadmap, and support

Notice and name the emotion, connected thoughts, body sensations, and other phenomena

Revise views and habits that support the emotion, compare them with experiences of people who transformed such emotions, embody the solution

Apply new views and train new habits to embody them, make the chosen worldview functional

Mindfulness - Worldview - Practice

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